Sources & References

Backed by a wide range of satellite & weather data, as well as powerful open source code

Data Sources

Earth Observation satellite and Weather Model data is used to daily produce the underlying global snow dataset that powers both DeFROST Maps and API services. These sources include:

  • Sentinel-2, operated by the European Space Agency.

  • VIIRS onboard Suomi-NPP, operated by NASA.

  • MODIS onboard Terra & Aqua, operated by NASA.

Open Source Works

This section highlights some of the Open Source projects that make DeFROST possible and that we actively support.

Special mention goes to the Let-It-Snow module by CESBIO. DeFROST works with its custom extension of this module for the processing of Sentinel-2 scenes to detect snow on them.

Thanks to Gascoin, S., Grizonnet, M., Bouchet, M., Salgues, G., and Hagolle, O. and all LIS contributors.

The list is not exhaustive:

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