Use Cases

Here are a few sample cases in which you can use our API to enhance your application.

Safety first: detect slippery terrain

Slippery terrain due to wet or icy snow provoke too many fatal and non-fatal accidents outdoors. Help your users avoid dangerous terrain. You can use DeFROST API to query various coordinates to test the presence of snow, e.g. over a hiking trail. When combined with other data such as elevation, you will be able to detect steep and snowy terrain which shall be avoided!

Find the right trail for the right activity

Is your user searching for trails to hike or trails to snowshoe? Whether the perfect trail shall be snowy or snow-free, you can propose the right trail for an activity by using DeFROST API to query the presence of snow over a set of coordinates. Define how much snow coverage is needed and filter out trails that do not match your user's criteria!

Alert on snow coverage changes

Your users are planning outdoor activities ahead of time, but snow coverage changes every day. Actively notify your users of important snow coverage changes that might prevent them from having an enjoyable and safe experience outdoors. Even better, propose a more appropriate alternative together with your alert!

Tackle seasonality

Most people enjoy the outdoors during the peak summer and winter seasons; however, though unpredictable and variable, autumn and spring can offer ideal snow and snow-free conditions. Use DeFROST API to adapt yourself daily to your region of interest's status, deploying dynamic marketing campaigns when outdoor conditions are ideal. Keep growing even off-season!

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